Viacom Conversation: Joanne Ramos ‘The Farm’

Posted via Instagram @AziaCelestino

When @ampviacom asked me to moderate a #Spark convo with @joanneramosthefarm I immediately said yes because 1) Gotta support a 🔥 Filipina 2) I was so blown away with how their team produced an epic #APAHM lineup this past May. 🙏

I didn’t expect to be so consumed with #TheFarm, its world and themes, and I didn’t expect to see myself in the characters.

Joanne Ramos reminded me of just how empowering and strange representation feels. Whether it’s on screen or on a page, you don’t realize how much you dreamt about it until it happens. At least, that’s how it feels for me. Hopefully achievements and moments and stories like this won’t feel so foreign for the next generations.

Add #TheFarm to your summer reading list and feel free to talk to me about it forever. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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