GC4W Entrepreneurship Ball

“A part of your soul expands as it watches you fight for yourself.”

-One of my favorite quotes from last night’s Entrepreneurship Ball came from Kathleen Griffith.

Honored to start this Women’s History Month in the company of so many female leaders fighting not only for themselves, but for other women and underserved communities all over the world!

Kathleen’s quote is also fitting because while the success stories in your journeys are celebrated, it feels like we are actually honoring the low points; the bravery in the face of challenges. The moments that aren’t pretty are the powerful catalysts that fuel us forward to the peaks.

Global Connections 4 Women-

Lilian, Summer, and the fab host committee- what a beautiful space you’ve created for young girls and women to follow their purpose! Thank you for having me join you.

This amazing Primavera gown got a lot of compliments, New York Dress- thank you! And thank you to Melissa Souza for the accessories 💙

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