Telly Award: Nadia’s Choice

Azia Celestino Telly Award Journalist

[via Instagram]
Honored that our feature about activist and ISIS survivor, Nadia Murad, won a Telly Award for General News or News Feature! @nadia_murad_taha
This summer marked 4 years since Nadia and her family were attacked by ISIS in their village in Iraq. Her mother, six of her brothers, and thousands of Yazidis were executed by the terrorist group. Many others like Nadia were captured and tortured. But after escaping and surviving through unimaginable brutality, she didn’t lose faith- today Nadia is still fighting for other victims of war crimes, human trafficking, and sexual enslavement.

It was one of the most harrowing stories for me to cover at @channelonenews, but Nadia’s is one that needs to be known. You can watch the full feature on my IGTV channel.

Nadia Murad and Azia Celestino Channel One News42044355_271286603503164_1423890222512340992_o.jpg

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