Girls Night In


Last night, I had the Ch1 chicas over for a Goddess party / Laguna Beach viewing / vision board craft night.  (Love a themed party!)

I was aiming for “Full Moon Chic,” but my inner Gossip Girl showed up in the decor.

The crystals started out near the food, but I decided they deserved a significant place of their own. 

Rose Quartz is my favorite.  I usually keep this on my bedside table, not only because of the pink color, but it is said to promote healing and love.

Selenite’s properties are for spiritual connection and banishing bad vibes/ negative energy.

Crystals on crystals!  

Full disclosure- we did not do any reading last night, but I love all of these books!

There was mostly snacking and talking going down, so we didn’t quite get into the vision part, but it’s always a fun night with the ladies of Channel One 🙂

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