10 Thoughts You Had While Watching PLL This Week

“I’m a Good Girl, I Am” aka the episode before the “Big A Reveal” …if there is such a thing.  I’ve been promised so many times that I just don’t know anymore.  There were some developments, but mostly just confusion.  I can’t be the only one who has to watch it over again to understand what exactly happened.  Here are some of the thoughts you may have had while tuning in this week-

1) So that’s what Sara Shepard looks like!
The news anchor in the opening scene is none other than the real life author of the Pretty Little Liars book series.  Clever cameo alert.

2) I wish that I could use London as an excuse.
Imagine getting in a fight with your boyfriend and being able to say, “Sorry, I was in the UK” [hair flip]. #HastingsMoney

3) Caleb is a fictional character and that is more evident than ever.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but Caleb is not a reflection of actual boyfriends.  Hanna is in prison and yet he’s become a human bulls’ eye in order to get her out.  Come on.

On that note…

4) How is A so epic?
I know that this is the entire series’ villain we’re talking about, but there has got to be an interesting spin off here. I want to know how A became so well trained in what seems to be military level weaponry and intelligence. It’s definitely better than the incompetency in uniform at Rosewood PD.

Which brings up my next point…

5) Tanner is apart of the A Team for sure.  
Who else cares about district lines when it comes to catching a murderer?  Unless you are the murderer.

6) Andrew has become a full-fledged creep.
Courtesy of the ever-manipulative PLL writers and whoever decides on the background music selections.

7) This is not SVU.
I’m really disappointed in the court scenes this season.  Can we get a Mariska Hargitay guest appearance to spice things up?

8) How can I use the term “ass backwards” today?
Not sure it will catch on, seeing as Caleb is the only one who could deliver that line effectively.

9) Guilt by association is a thing in Rosewood.
Apparently our parents were right.  We actually do need to be careful who we murder with, cough, hang out with, because it just might land us in jail.

10) Apparently A has sent 123 texts.
Sadly, that’s the same number of times that I’ve had to pause the show to read A’s menacing one-liners.


What did I miss?  Comment below!

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