How A ‘Scandal’ After Show Displayed Passion & Purpose

In 2015, the entertainment industry is full of what seems like more frivolity than ever.

As a journalist, I know firsthand that sensationalism can hijack even the sincerest vision for a story. It is not unusual for me to see a great job that requires the applicant to have a specific look or 100,000 followers. The goal of content is not always how it will convey a message or open someone up to a new perspective. Unfortunately, the goal is often how many clicks/ views/ shares/ likes/ comments the article will get.

That’s why when I saw my friend, Emile’s latest episode of After Buzz TV: Scandal, I was blown away.  What an inspiration!  It reminded me of why I love working in entertainment.

Yes, it is important to monetize your work. No, you don’t have to focus on solely vapid things to engage your audience. Watch the episode below to see fans of a TV show have a discussion that is relevant to our society’s real life scandals.

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