10 Questions You Had While Watching PLL

I missed the latest episode of PLL “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me” (what a mouth full) last night.  It is with great shame that I admit absence during the live tweet party.  But watching the show via DVR didn’t leave me with a shortage of questions.  Maybe you had the same ones while watching-

1) Is it okay to talk about your flailing love life?
“We are some distance removed from ‘Okay’” is the new way to tell your friends that your relationship is on the rocks, according to Spencer.  And Aria isn’t ready to admit it.


2) Am I the only one that thinks Mrs. Hastings looks like Olivia Benson?


3) Could Em have chosen a more attractive replacement for Paige?
Even though I don’t care for the new girl, I must admit- she and Emily make a very attractive lesbian couple!


4) Why is Spencer wearing earbuds while on the phone?
Could it be because she is aware, maybe even paranoid when it comes to the low-level radiation that permeates through the wifi in our devices?  Yet another thing that Spencer and I have in common.


5) Hanna, you just now had a bad thought about the incriminating video of you and Caleb?
I’d be worried since I found out that I was being recorded… but hey. That’s just my logic.


6) The Montgomery’s always watching black and white movies…  Can anyone say public domain?
Shout out to anyone who understands what that means!


7) Why was Hanna friends with Mona?  
Her ‘Stopwatch’ Wish is creepy af.  So is her new friend who has a strange attachment to books.


8) Where can I get a human tuning fork?
The secret keeper is genius!  LOL at Emily pouring her heart out on a recording device.


9) How do these kids know how to use a tape recorder?
I’ve actually used one and don’t think I could remember if forced to work operate a cassette player.


10) Why did Holbrook pull Hanna over?  And haven’t you ever heard of pulling over in a well-lit area, Hanna?  

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