10 Thoughts You Had While Watching Hindsight: A Very Important Date

So I’ve become obsessed with VH1’s new scripted series, Hindsight. If you haven’t started watching you should. Definitely if you’re a Gen Y’er, and especially if you’re a Gen X-er. The plot in a nutshell…
On the eve of her second marriage, Becca (Adorable newcomer, Laura Ramsey) finds herself transported years back to the 90’s. On the eve of her first marriage. She decides to change the course of her life, reuniting with her estranged best friend (the charming Sarah Goldberg) with the universe as her guide.

If you watched tonight’s episode, I listed some things that may have crossed your mind-

1) It would be so awesome to live in the past with future knowledge.
This is a thought I now have regularly due to Hindsight. Schooling everyone at computers, foreseeing digital photography, getting all the jobs that you interview for- Talk about winning at life.

2) “Just be mad at me all at once for everything.”
The perfect strategy if you have several wrongs to make right with someone. Thanks, Lolly.

3) I am so glad that I watched Friends the first time around…
…without anyone to slip spoilers about Chandler and Monica’s relationship.

4) I relate to Becca, but Lolly’s love for movies is admirable.
One thing I miss from the 90’s is a great video store.

5) Bitch stole my look!
Who wore Alice better to the Halloween party? Which leads to my realization…

6) Alice in Wonderland is a glorious metaphor!
Becca fell down the rabbit hole which makes me wonder, is this whole story going to be a dream?  Sorry for blowing your mind.

7) Jamie’s a Butthead
I would be absolutely livid if my almost-boyfriend abandoned me Butthead-less to dress up as Beavis for Halloween.

8) “I want to look at the person I’m with and feel like I won the lottery.”
Quote of the night.

9) The music in this show is what memories sound like.
The Cranberries, Lisa Loeb, Sixpence None the Richer. Some of my favorite 90’s songs play during the show.

10) The Universe always has your back.
One of the best scenes in tonight’s episode was when Becca turns down both of the jobs she was considering taking. After mentioning to Lolly that she’s leaving it to the Universe this time, a voicemail plays about an exciting new opportunity to “predict the future” for a magazine.  Perfect.

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2 responses to “10 Thoughts You Had While Watching Hindsight: A Very Important Date”

  1. This sounds great! Unfortunately no VH1 in Canada. I’ll have to search te interweb for it.
    I’ve often wished I could go back to high school and college with the personality I have now.

    1. morganmg78, you’ll love it. Hope you find it online soon!

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