10 Thoughts You Had While Watching PLL: “The Bin of Sin”

This week’s PLL was full of dialogue! So many feels. Not very much happened in regard to what’s in that barrel. Here are some of the thoughts you may have had while tuning in this week-

1) Ashley Marin’s Scandalous Love Life Continues
Hanna’s mom has got it goin’ on. She’s omitting one night stands from her fiance to be, kissing hot young conquests in the streets of Rosewood, wearing outfits we would wear… Hanna, watch your back. There’s another Marin ready to steal your shine.

2) Toby continues to struggle between work and friends
After tattling on Holbrook to Tanner, he gets a slap on the wrist that provokes some major decisions against the Liars and Caleb. Elevation requires separation? Emahright?

3) “Brilliant move” is code for “I need ice for this burn.”
Aria spills some serious beans to Ezra about the letter that’s been haunting her… beans that turned out to be relationship bombshells. The single life may be looming near in the future for Ezria.

4) Hanna’s Being Blonde as Usual
Our favorite airhead tries to move everything from the creepy storage cell on her own-
in. broad. daylight. Caleb helps because he’s the world’s best boyfriend, which leads to the next thought…

5) Why can’t my relationship be as beautiful as Haleb?
Or can I just be Hanna? Talk about Ride or Die- Caleb knowingly risks a life behind bars for his girl almost every week. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

6) Creepy Environments on PLL- why I have severe paranoia
I can’t be the only one who felt the cold dampness in that warehouse, from my couch. Also, how does ‘A’ have the funds to buy so many computers and other devices to leave around sketchy areas in Rosewood? #bAllin’

7) “What’s that smell?” MURDER.
Tanby (Tanner and Toby) get a whiff of the barrel contents. We can’t be sure yet, but I have a feeling that it’s a body- not Mona’s. Because why would the writers of this damn show do anything we expect?

8) Did Jason get sexier?
Does the PLL Production Team actually make characters more attractive depending on how they want you to feel that week?

9) I hope Emily is getting paid to go into work after hours…
I still don’t care for the New Girl.

10) “Because I’m a good writer.”
One of the funniest/saddest moments in this week’s episode. Ezra’s silence speaks volumes. That was a subtle burn, Aria.

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