10 Thoughts You Had While Watching PLL This Week

“Over a Barrel” was a great episode! Finally some actual developments into Mona’s murder. …Even though they’re not so much developments as they are added details to continue to confuse the F out of us in the quest to identify ‘A.’ Here are some of the thoughts you may have had while tuning in this week-

1) How Does ‘A’ Pull These Stunts?
Receipt in register with Aria’s letter to Jackie!  A- 1 Million, Liars- 0
Why doesn’t ‘A’ just bury the hatchet and work for the CIA?

2) “Take this orange juice” is the new escape phrase for awkward situations.
At least that’s what Mrs. Marin says when Hanna tries to bring up her mom’s MILFy behavior. Mrs. Robinson much?

3) Someone tell Aria that feather clip-ins are not back.
Cute dress, though.

4) How is Toby a cop? Isn’t he in high school?
Answer: Because anything flies in Rosewood.

5) I can’t handle more mysterious one-initial-named characters.
Who is ‘H?’ Holbrook is too obvious. Is Jason helping Ali? Is Jason A?

6) Note to Self: Learn how to track people’s phones…
If Caleb and Spencer created a hacker academy, I’d pay to take classes.

7) Shay’s comedic acting is really shining through as of late.
New Girl is bringing out a different, sassier side of Emily’s character.  We like it.

8) Why would you ever touch the damn barrel?
Spaleb breaking into the storage room was risky, not to mention CREEPY enough. Why risk leaving your grubby finger prints at the crime scene? Aren’t these the smart characters on PLL?

9) Why didn’t Shay tell New Girl about Aria?!
“Cute bones on the boss man?” She’s so annoying… but pretty. What’s her name again?

10) The Hastings’ New Roomer is nosy AF.
Definitely an ‘A’ suspect.


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