‘Girls’ Is Back and There’s Nowhere to Grow But Up

I was really looking forward to watching Girls last night.  In fact, there was a point when I was watching the Globes because I was waiting for it to come on at 9.  I sat down for the season premiere of a TV series that I had been waiting a year for… and felt disappointment.

Wishful thinking: Have I grown up in the past year?  Why are all of the characters that I loved so much in the first season, still the same, but somehow more annoying and hardly funny?  “First world problems,” flashed across my brain during several scenes as I felt a newfound hatred for Marnie rising in my consciousness (I just really have a hatred for infidelity portrayals).

That, coupled with the fact that I forgot just how uncomfortable Girls scenes can get.  Thirty minutes later I wondered if I’ve become some sort of premature conservative.  The only saving grace is that Elijah AKA the only one providing quote-worthy lines for my Twitter is a truly silver lining.

So, in a nutshell, I’m really hoping that the season gets better.

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