Top 5 Reasons to See ‘Top Five’ This Weekend

Earlier this week, I got a chance to screen the new Chris Rock-starring/written/directed comedy, Top Five.  Here are five reasons to see the new film.

1. Chris Rock
If you can’t appreciate someone who can write, direct, and act all in one entertaining production, then I don’t know what else to sell you on.

2. No Mediocre
Yes, there are hints of Woody Allen in the film. No, this is not Annie Hall or something else you’ve seen before.

3. Spectacular Bending of Genres
Show me another RomCom that you can convince a man to see… that is actually funny to more than one audience demo.

4. Genius Use of Cameos
Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld- Top Five boasts a cast like one of those cliche ensemble movies. Hint: The most awesome cameo of all involves Earl “DMX” Simmons.

5. Just Raunchy Enough
One extremely amusing scene involves Rosario Dawson shoving a hot sauce-infused tampon into her on-screen boyfriend (not his mouth).

Did you see it?

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