Literally Trendspotting

Cheetah print, eat your heart out because there’s a hot new spotted pattern in town this season-

deer print.  I found three amazing pieces to fawn over.  Pair with an innocent doe-eyed look for glamorous perfection.


Deer Print Bathrobe Coat, Carven

Leave it to haute fashion house, Carven, to make a bathrobe look chic with this simple yet sophisticated design.  Remove the sash on the coat if you want to go for more of the trench look.  Quite possibly the best part is that although the print is realistic, no deer were harmed in the creation of this coat.


Bambi and Female Form Print Sweater, Givenchy

This one’s for all the Disney fans.  Leave it to Givenchy to produce a completely abstract and swoon-worthy print incorporating the most beloved deer in history.  The design is available in a variety of pieces including the t, coated canvas bag, and form print sweater.


Deer Print Satin Shift Dress, Topshop

To get a little whimsical for a California Christmas, try this Topshop number on for size.  There is admittedly a lot going on, but I like it.  Throw a solid sweater on with some wedges, and you’ve got an edgy holiday look!

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