Mid Week Inspo: 23 and Thriving

This week’s MWI is dedicated to 2 young people who went to college, but aren’t using a degree to make moves.  Instead, they’re letting their passion guide their success.


Pat Blute is ‘a dynamic multimedia guru specializing in content development, video production, live performance, and public speaking.’  The Columbia alum is the creator of the new musical ‘Spears: The Gospel According to Britney.’  The project seems to have started a year ago, and according to his website, the show premieres in New York’s Snapple Theater this month.


Ryan Riess is the new winner of the World Series of Poker and $8.4 million!  After beating out 6,352 WSOP entrants, the Michigan State alum’s main event lasted about three and a half hours.  Take a look at Ryan’s Twitter profile from November 3 on for some lessons in major manifestation.

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