A Girl Cannes Dream

A week ago, I came back to reality (it took two days and three different flights).  But before the long journey home, I experienced the most exciting, exhausting, and quite possibly the most amazing week of my life when I traveled to France to cover the Cannes Film Festival for Blacktree TV.

Sticky Notes
Sticky Note that I wrote back in November

It all started a few months ago, where I got the crazy idea to apply for the film festival.  I added it to my desktop Sticky Notes months before I actually applied.   And as an avid believer in the law of attraction, I almost passed out from happiness when I got an accreditation letter from the Cannes Press Office.

Cannes Closing Ceremony
Cannes Closing Ceremony

The week was surreal.  Even though I spent every day working, I couldn’t have been more content.  I learned and challenged myself so much in the week that I spent in Cannes.  Plus, I got to enjoy the French Riviera and I all ready miss it.

Blackberry Photography from a castle!
Blackberry Photography from a castle!

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