MTV Movie Awards

I had the opportunity to work for MTV on another successful Sneak Peek Week and Movie Awards!  After being in production mode for over a week straight,          I all ready miss all of my friends and can’t wait to work again.  VMAs?

Thought I’d relive the glory with some pictures:

(As usual, I ask forgiveness for the Blackberry quality)

The cast of "The End Is Near"
The cast of “The End Is Near”
Aubrey Plaza took the 5 Towers stage to promote her new movie “The To Do List.”                                                                 …This was before her Kanye moment with Will Ferrell.
The cast of “Pain and Gain.”  Looks like another Michael Bay epic!
Intense Method Acting: I stood in for the lovely Bar Paley before the cast came.
The cast of “The Bling Ring.” Conclusion: Emma Watson is perfect.
Sneak Peek Week prep with Josh
Sneak Peek Week prep with Josh
Girl Power on the Sneak Peek Team


The Movie Awards Control Room!

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