‘Beautiful Creatures’

Interviewing the Cast of Beautiful Creatures

Interviewing Emmy Rossum, "Ridley"
Interviewing Emmy Rossum, “Ridley”
Interviewing Thomas Mann, “Link” & Zoey Deutch, “Emily”

Visit Blacktree TV’s Youtube channel for full interviews with the cast!

Despite the temptation to compare Warner Brothers’ new fantasy romance, Beautiful Creatures to Twilight (guilty), the film is an unexpectedly original piece of entertainment.  While the storyline is traditional good versus evil, Lena, a strong heroine character faces moral conflict when her powers as a “caster” aka witch, must be claimed for either light or dark purposes.  Based on the novel series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, the movie version doesn’t lose any of the dynamic fantasy factor with top notch production quality.  The acting is even more compelling than the visuals, with a cast boasting Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, and Jeremy Irons.  I’m not saying that the movie doesn’t have it’s corny bits, but what kind of teen paranormal series doesn’t?  Spend your Valentine’s cash on seeing this movie instead of crummy chocolate.

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