Oscar College Experience Search

Oscar College Search
Oscar College Search

Here’s my submission for the Oscar Experience College Search competition.

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I also had to answer two questions.

What is your favorite Oscar category and why?
My favorite Oscar category is Best Writing, Original Screenplay.  I have always loved creative writing and thought (especially after taking a screenwriting class,) that it is such an amazing feat to bring words and images not only to paper, but then to the screen!  A well-written screenplay can make a movie iconic- from Maximus bellowing “Are you not entertained?” to Forrest Gump’s sweetly spoken metaphor for life and chocolate.  Beyond that, writing is so important to the experience of seeing a movie.  After seeing a great film, I remember the things that the characters said.  Whether quoting comedies with friends or recalling romantic scenes during a wedding toast, the writing in a film can transcend all genres and generations.  There are few other occasions when people of many different backgrounds come together and observe one story.  It is the writing that makes that movie’s story an emotional moment, an inside joke, and most importantly, a shared memory.

What movie had the biggest impact in your life and why?
Breakfast at Tiffany’s has had the biggest impact on my life.  My grandma introduced me to the world of Holly Golightly at a very young age, before I could even comprehend the antics of cinema’s most memorable party girl.  I’ve been obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s since and my love for the film grows each time I see it.  When Truman Capote’s protagonist hit the screen as Audrey Hepburn, Golightly became a beacon for American women.  Before Tiffany’s, there were only two choices.  Women could either be pure or promiscuous.  Hepburn dared to play the role of not a call girl, but a dreamer, an independent woman who enjoys life and hardly ever shows fear.  During the filming of the movie, the actress wrestled with the conventional ideas of happiness in her own life.  Hepburn let this movie take on more of herself when she wanted to be a wife and mother.  Both women have helped shaped me as a person.  I have chosen to work in the entertainment industry, so I can identify with Holly Golightly’s dreams of society.  I’ve found Audrey Hepburn to be inspirational and a reminder as to my own strength as a woman.

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