Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Breaking News: Whitney Houston

3 responses to “Whitney Houston Dead at 48”

  1. You’ll find a handful of classes associated with thought regarding this matter plus its very hard in order to choose you.

  2. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston give Mike Tyson a run for his money in the “Jack up your life in the 90s contest”. Chalky lips and all, these two were the poster children for what you don’t want your kids to become when they grow up. What was most ironic was that everyone thought that Bobby was corrupting Whitney, who does an amazing “church girl with the raspy voice” imitation. But church girls don’t usually know that “crack is whack”, and they don’t get caught hauling weed onto an airplane. Well, at least she didn’t have box cutters and shaving cream; people who smoke weed don’t usually have the motivation to hijack an airplane.

  3. I was sitting in the movies, when I saw the news on my iPhone.

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